Antibody Arrays

Our comprehensive list of microarrays are specially designed for a wide variety of research areas such as signal transduction, phosphorylation profiling, and cancer biomarkers.

Antibody arrays provide a high-throughput platform for efficient profiling of protein expressions. Measuring changes in protein expression levels under different physiological or pathological conditions is the main content in proteomics research. Because of the extensive cross-talk between cytokines and post-translational modifications of proteins, a complete analysis of biological responses and functions of target must be obtained through multiplex assays. As a fast emerging protein chip technology, antibody arrays accelerate the exploration of investigators by analyzing hundreds of proteins simultaneously.

One Sample Application, Multiple Determinations

Creative Diagnostics has developed antibody array systems with capture antibodies spotted or fixed on two-dimensional grid on a solid surface such as glass, membrane, silicon chip and lateral flow. Using sample of cell lysates, serum or even culture media, investigators will be able to analysis hundreds, even thousands of proteins in a simple experiment and gain a much broader view of protein activity compared to the conventional single-target methods such as ELISAs and Western Blots.

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