Absolute Mag™ HPTA Magnetic Particles, 0.75 µm


Absolute Mag™ HPTA Magnetic Particles, 0.75 µm (# WHM-C022) are aqueous dispersion of magnetic silica particles containing 2 hydoxypropyl trimethylammoniumchlorid (HPTA). They are reversibly to charged groups of biomolecules and can be eluted with salt- or pH-gradient. This superparamagnetic particles are widely used as strong anion exchanger. Anion-exchange magnetic particles bind selectively to the negatively charged membrane groups of cells, bacteria or viruses which can be separated by magnetic forces.



Functional Group
2 hydoxypropyl trimethylammoniumchlorid

Application Notes
Absolute Mag™ HPTA Magnetic Particles, 0.75 µm are ideal for separation of antibodies, proteins or peptides.

Particle Size
0.75 µm

50 mg/mL, ~ 2.25 g/cm3

Storage Buffer
ddH2O, autoclaved

Type Magnetization

Shelf Life
Two years after production date.

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