Absolute Mag™ Chitosan Magnetic Particles, Polysaccharide, 100 nm


Absolute Mag™ Chitosan Magnetic Particles, Polysaccharide, 100 nm (# WHM-C133) are ferrofluids consisting of an aqueous dispersion of magnetic iron oxides with diameters of 100 nm. The matrix of the beads contains polysaccharide and with ß-(1-4)-linked D-glucosamine and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, which can be used for cell seperation and protein immobilization.

Antibody Array
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Functional Group

Application Notes
The chitosan magnetic nanoparticles are intended for binding to biomolecules, and further can be used for MRI-diagnostics and magnetic drug targeting applications.

Particle Size
100 nm

25 mg/mL, ~ 2.2 x 10^14 particles/g

Storage Buffer

Type Magnetization

Shelf Life
Two years after production date

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